Powder Coating

D&W Tool can assist during the planning stage of a new line or reconfiguring of a line for a new part. We will ensure that your coating line maximizes efficiency and density while minimizing waste by providing hooks and racking solutions.

By using our 3-step process we can:

  1. Consult by phone and email
  2. Design the product that meet your specifications
  3. Produce the design into real products made in the USA.

Hooks: From Simple to Complicated - Our hook capabilities are endless

D&W Tool provides an assortment of hooks including:

Standard:powder coat hook

V-Style Hooks

C-Style Hooks

CV-Style Hooks

S-Style Hooks

90° V, C, and CV Style Hooks

Please contact us for pricing of these hooks.


Jam Hooks - Made of harder spring steel which allows for a higher holding capacity for heavy parts.

Cross bar Hook – can be made of regular spring steel or stainless steel that can withstand 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

Jam Hook powder coating hook

Custom Hooks - These hooks were custom made to fit the jobs of our customers.


We provide an assortment of racks to meet your needs. Whether your pieces need to be masked, held from the inside, or simply to be hooked on a hook. Our racks can be made with slotted bars that enable hooks and springs to be easily fastened and taken off of the bars based on your current job. We can even make these hooks from stainless steel, which will enable them to withstand temperatures of up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Other Types Of Powder Coating Racks