D&W Tool Profile

Since 1950 D&W Tool has served its customers with excellence and quality. It continues to excel by supplying its customers in the powder coating, painting, metallizing, and sputtering industries, using materials that meet the demands of each industry mentioned above.

D&W Tool brings with its name a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to solving the problems of its customers. We will work day and night to get your order to you. We will make what you need when you need it!!!

The goal of D&W Tool is to increase the productivity of its customers by helping them to achieve efficient line density. That is why the engineers at D&W Tool are always up to date with the world's newest technologies and techniques, and pride themselves with providing their customers with state of the art products.

Our company ensures that it knows its clients intimately and is available to help solve their problems by offering the best solutions possible. Our commitment to excellence is second to none!!!!

Nisim Tzadok
President of D&W Tool

Management Team

President: Nisim Tzadok

Vice President/Marketing/Sales: Leor Tzadok

Don't look any further, just contact our staff and let us handle your racking problems.

Our staff is committed to discussing with you solutions for all your racking needs.

It's the D&W Tool Way.